It Really Does Make a Difference

There are many who don’t think it does…and many who don’t even notice it. But good residential design does make a difference. Eight years ago we moved in to our new house. I had designed it and contracted it (the construction of it is a different story for a different day). Our family enjoyed it….

“What Do You Think of My House?”

Have you ever asked your architect friend what they thought of your house? Don’t. Or at least don’t if you don’t want them to have to lie to you. Most architects I know have what one might call a discerning palette. They are pickier than my 5 year old at dinner time and will lie…

Why I Don’t “Do” LEED

Ever since LEED became mainstream I have really struggled to find my place within its world. Something about it just never really felt right. Most telling to me, I think, is that the exam to become LEED AP tests you more about your knowledge of the certification process than about the science and the strategies…

“Save a Tree” is Stupid

There. I’ve said it. I’ll say it again. Save a tree is stupid. Over the last 15-20 years we’ve heard that phrase a lot. We’ve heard the term “dead tree edition” for a printed version of a document or book. We’ve been bombarded with the idea that not using paper will save the planet. It…

Giving Green a Bad Name

It’s projects like this, and their associated publicity, that really give “green” a bad name–making it that much more difficult to get people to understand that “green” isn’t bad, nor is it weird, nor is it necessarily expensive.