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Usually, I try to stay away from such language. But a recent experience has sort of caused some angst.

Recently, we moved our offices from my “home” office, to a new office in an old junior high school. We didn’t fit anymore. Employees cramed together in a space never really intended to have employees. After four years, the amount of stuff had grown, the client list had grown. It was time to move. So we did. Sort of, mostly, at least we started the process.

The space we picked out is a 22’x87′ space with 13 large 5’x8′ double hung windows. This section of the school was built in 1932. The original windows were long gone, replaced with single pane single hung aluminum windows. Orange blinds. Faux wood paneling on 2 of the 4 walls. The floor was institutional carpet of an institutional grey-blue color. 1960’s era florourescent lighting. But it was a large empty space without any walls and ready to go.

After about 20 iterations, most variations on the the same theme, we came up with a plan. Only 4 walls. 3 of the walls wouldn’t touch other walls or the ceiling. The 4th would go to the ceilng and connect to an exterior wall.

Here’s what needed to happen:

  • Remove existing carpet and faux wood paneling.
  • Patch and repair the walls where the paneling was removed.
  • Frame the four new walls
  • Wire up the place
  • Hang the sheetrock.
  • Paint
  • Install the new floor
  • Finish trim the electrical
  • Finish trim the woodwork, including baseboards

It was about 11 weeks before things were mostly ready. And we’re still missing our baseboards. Building officials, contractor schedules, material availability, whatever. It all conspired against us.

Our furniture, ordered the end of June still hasn’t been delivered. Only the first page of seven was received by the factory and when we went to accept delivery 3 pieces were delivered, and they were the least important of the bunch.

It shouldn’t have taken as long as it did. It shouldn’t have been as difficult as it was. What a royal pain to build four #@$%! walls.