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A few years ago our local reseller for Autodesk products that serves the Brainerd, Minnesota area called and strongly encouraged us make the transition from Architectural Desktop (now known as Architect) to Revit.  Apparently, according to him, everyone is going that way and if we don’t get on board, we will be behind.  Furthermore, although I don’t remember the details, if we converted when he recommended we could do the whole thing for a little bit less than if we waited too long.  What I do remember is that both prices, the regular cost to convert and the discounted cost to convert, both felt like highway robbery.

After using Revit to complete a couple of different projects we were completely frustrated.  We could get 95% of the way there but in that last 5% there was nothing we could do to make the drawings look right.  I about pulled all my hair out and wasted large amounts of time and money trying to make it work.  We went to the blogs and the help stuff even some training and were told of many “shortcuts” that would trick the program into getting a look close to what we wanted, but in the end, we had to settler for documents that didn’t quite look like we wanted of buildings that weren’t quite constructed accurately for BIM.  All of this, quite frankly, made the whole thing a waste of money in my mind.

Furthermore, Revit, because of it’s shortcomings provided no additional value to my clients.  We want to stay on the cutting edge of technology.  We want to implement the best tools.  But in the end, if it is not improving my clients experience then I would just assume keep my money.  It’s about added value.  Revit doesn’t add value, it just costs more…at least for now.

I love the concept of Revit.  I think that they are almost there.  But in a BIM system almost makes the whole thing useless, and now, here I am many thousands of dollars lighter in the pocket and nothing to show for it.  Are we the only ones who have had this experience?