It Really Does Make a Difference

There are many who don’t think it does…and many who don’t even notice it. But good residential design does make a difference. Eight years ago we moved in to our new house. I had designed it and contracted it (the construction of it is a different story for a different day). Our family enjoyed it….

“Save a Tree” is Stupid

There. I’ve said it. I’ll say it again. Save a tree is stupid. Over the last 15-20 years we’ve heard that phrase a lot. We’ve heard the term “dead tree edition” for a printed version of a document or book. We’ve been bombarded with the idea that not using paper will save the planet. It…

Giving Green a Bad Name

It’s projects like this, and their associated publicity, that really give “green” a bad name–making it that much more difficult to get people to understand that “green” isn’t bad, nor is it weird, nor is it necessarily expensive.

Four #@%&*$ Walls

Usually, I try to stay away from such language. But a recent experience has sort of caused some angst. Recently, we moved our offices from my “home” office, to a new office in an old junior high school. We didn’t fit anymore. Employees cramed together in a space never really intended to have employees. After…